Recipe: How to Make Infused Honey

Sweeten your infusion with nature's finest

We all love a good cup of tea, and it’s even better with a touch of honey. I’ve long been a fan of using nature’s finest ingredients to cure whatever ails me, and a hot cup of herbal tea is no exception. So naturally, when I heard about infused honey I jumped at the chance to try it, and, instantly loved it.

Now, if you’re thinking about making it at home, there’s one very, VERY important thing to keep in mind: remember to start low and go slow with edibles. Since different strains will have different concentrations of THC, make sure you know what you’re working with before you start infusing.

Check out Monte Content’s helpful instructional video and be sure to have everything that you need on hand.

What you’ll need to make cannabis-infused honey

  • 1/8 oz cured cannabis
  • 20 oz honey
  • Cheese cloth
  • String
  • Crockpot