Infused For Your Pleasure: How to treat yo self with these essentials

We've come a long way, baby.

Sometimes overcoming the exhaustion of a long day requires a certain remedy.
Why take just an ordinary bath when you can kick it up a notch with an infused, medicated bath bomb?
If that ‘peaks your interest, we have a few to recommendations to you that will turn your
usual bathing experience into something more…elevated.

Bathtime TLC with THC: What You’ll Need

Picture it: your typical long (AF) day at the office, a sweaty workout to release your inner beast and now what? Home for the night with one thing on your mind: chill the frack out.

Check out this awesome video by Monte Content for a few suggestions.


We tested out two incredible brands that are sudsing-up the Canadian and American markets. We can confirm that both sides of the border will be pleased by our findings.

Miss Envy Botanicals

This explosion of citrus and lavender was a delight and left my skin feeling soft. Our newest Beauty While I tested out the green (lemon/lime), Miss Envy Botanicals offers two other fragrance options: Pink  (Rosemary Lavender) and Yellow (Sweet Orange).

The Lit Kit by Kush Queens

Get lit with the Queens of Kush! This whole package includes a 25mg THC bath bomb – or you can opt for the 25mg CBD option. Inside you will also find a cone for your smoking pleasure and a chocolate to sweeten the deal and bring you that much higher.

Infused essential oils add a nice touch as well. As if 50mg of THC wasn’t enough, you can always much on an edible to really unwind.

So kick back, drop a weed bomb and relax in your infused bath.