CBD to Remedy Travel, Anxiety, Pain and More! Yes, Cannabis for Your Pet

CBD - it isn't just for humans!

How CBD Helps Pets

Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from cannabis (THC and CBD) – turns out, it’s also great for pets! Now before you go feeding fluffy some of your weed brownies, we suggest looking into products that are designed to properly treat your pets, and are tailored to cure their ailments with proper dosing.

Here are two to keep in mind (both are sold here in Canada):

  • Brands:
  • Treat Symptoms: Anxiety, nervousness, attachment issues, travel anxiety, inflammation and long-term health issues

We all know how arduous of a task it can be to give our pets medication. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve tried just about everything to trick my pets into taking veterinary prescribed medications.

Miss Envy Botanicals Bully Bites are tasty treats that you can give to your little fur munchkin, minus the guilt of tricking them into taking medicine. It’s a win-win for humans and furbearers alike!

The benefit to taking CBD infused treats on the road with you is they are easy to carry (no mess!) and dosing is pretty straight forward.

Here’s a heartwarming story about Monty and how cannabis helped him to live a more comfortable life.